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5 Questions with The Road Virus

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The Road Virus Bookmobile will be in place at 289 Derby, right next to Count Orlock’s Nightmare Gallery from July 10th – July 16th and will be open (subject to change) 10AM-8PM. Event here.RSVP on Facebook here. In tandem with Salem Horror and Count Orlock’s Nightmare Gallery, we are VERY happy to have the road virus pick Salem for a stop on their nationwide tour!

Who is the team behind The Road Virus and where did the name come from?

We are Sade and Em, an author and ex-librarian respectively. We met in San Francisco and a mutual diehard love of books led to a longtime dream come true. We took the name from the short story “The Road Virus Heads North” by Stephen King (from the collection Everything’s Eventual). It follows a haunted painting of a car with a demonic driver.

Why a bookmobile? Where have you traveled? Where are you “based” out of?

As stated, we met and formed the business in San Francisco. Rent there is prohibitively high, so we decided to take our horror show on the road. So far, we’ve driven the bus from Missouri to SF, then through the southern route of the US to Florida, and then up the east coast to the northeast. We aren’t really based out of anywhere; we’re true nomads in that we don’t have an address and travel all over.

What can people expect to find when they visit the bus? What will your hours be? What separates you from a traditional bookstore?

We carry horror, sci-fi, fantasy, a lot of punk and transgressive art and music books, queer lit, poetry, local zines and releases, esoterica and erotica, dead formats, and so much more. Our hours change based on demand, but we usually open around ten AM. We have stayed open til 2 AM for after hour bar nights. What separates us? Primarily, wheels. We can be anywhere at any time. We proudly stock and display the books that usually get marginalized and shoved into a back shelf, if they exist at all. We’re a local business that can be local to anywhere.

What has been the best experience you have had since hitting the road?

Portland, Maine. The community has been beyond supportive beyond belief; we feel like we’re at home here after only five days. We’ve had regulars, something we never thought we’d have. Local businesses have been beyond excited to have us here, especially other bookstores.

Why, in your opinion does Salem make so much sense for a stop on the Road Virus tour? 

When you mention the name Salem, most people have a very specific idea of the entire environment of the city and its history, and that idea is exactly what we are. Teaming up with Count Orlok’s is beyond exciting because their three promoted genres of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy are exactly what we promote, except in paper instead of celluloid. The Witch City and the big black bus are a match made for heathens.

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